Saturday, February 16, 2013

Spring Jam 2013

As seen on the Quartier Latin site, the poster I did for the Spring Jam 2013. The instruments symbolize the music, the colors in the background the Spring and the tree symolizes the tree in front of the Quartier Latin.
There will also be a T-shirt in black and white.

Sideshow concept poster

This was my first idea for the Choppertown Sideshow 2013. As you might know the "Sideshow" used to be the freakshow where you could see all strange misformed peoples and people doing the most bizare tricks. Tha's why we choosed for the Bearded Tatooed Lady the first year. A combination of two "freaks" from the classic "Sideshows"
For 2013 I thought it was fun to combine two others into one.
 The siameze twin and "Lional, the lion faced man". 
My plan was to make a Sideshow family with all kinds of "freaks", But to many people wanted to see the bearded tattooed lady again, so Lionel, the lion faced siameze twin had to be skipped!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Work in progress

Started on a t-shirt design for Buddys Rene, Oli and Paul. 
Just a sneek preview.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Evel Knievel

So when I woke up this mornin' 
I just had to do an Evel Knievel drawing. 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Choppers are dead!

This one was just so much fun to do. 
Imagine this guy, completely overgrown,
 suddenly realising he's been dead for decades!
 Some surprise huh?
This was the fifth and last T-shirt I did for the Garage Maniacs.

Greaseheadquarters intro

Gif animation I did for the Intro of a film by the Greaseheadquarters. You'll have to think of some real dramatic music here! Hahahaha..... photo begintitel-Greaseheadquarters.gif

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Garage Maniacs III

Design for the 3th Garage Maniacs Party T-shirt. This became kind of their logo. The Bike  in the image is from Patrick and the Hot-Rod from Richard. Here's a big banner in front of their Choppers on the Rogues MC Choppershow. Bike's in the back are theirs as well. 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Zombie Surfers from Brainsville!!

Done for fun! 'Cause I like Zombies..... and surfing... and drawing!

Choppertown Sideshow 2012

The Choppertown Sideshow 2012 in Kaldenkirchen, Germany was a blast! The design I did with "the Bearded Tattooed  Lady" was quite a surprise for some. "You guys are sick" was told to organizer Lutz after someone saw the design. And that's the way we like it!
Next to the poster and flyer the design was used for T-shirts, Beer labels, Buttons, BBQ sauce labels and some big vinyl banners. The T-shirts sold very, very good! There was also a re-print from the Rico Fodrey shirt. This time in Brown!

 Next to the design of the Bearded Lady I designed some big Banners for the entrance and the Thrift Sale booth.

 Someone seems to like it!!!

This years design is also finished and airborn. I'll do a post on it when all is printed and ready!


el enmascarado de la plata


I can't help it. I have to do a stupid Elvis drawing every now and then. It's stronger than me!

V2 logo

The V2 design is a mix of the classic, golden, V8 logo. Used on cars running this kind of engine. 
And the" no.1" logo from Harley Davidson, used in the seventies.
I made in into a V2 logo because of my love for American Bikes with a "V2" engine.

 It was put in the flesh by buddy Masto.

Batman and Robin

It was hard to scan this one because of it's very bright colors. The background was air-brushed on paper. Batman and Robin where drawn on transparent vinyl and colored with acryl paint. This all to match the film-cells used for the Batman Animated series. I really love this one. From the mid. 90's  and just for fun!

Choppertown meeting 2011

For three years I've been doing most of the designworks for the Choppertown meeting in Germany. The first year (which was the third meeting) I did the poster, flyer, two T-shirts, beer labels and some work on the web-log.

I was working at a printshop at this time, so I printed the posters and flyers myself. Big fun!

The first T-shirt was the annual meeting T-shirt. I used a picture I took from my buddys Rolf, Rinus and Jessey riding their Choppers. I Also did this crazy animation for their site. 

 The second shirt was released to raise money to get a special guest for the meeting from the US of A. Chopperbuilder and all time favorite Rico Fodrey, known from the Choppertown films. I was allowed to use a picture Maurice van den Tillaard took from Rico when he did a photoshoot in LA. The lay out was based on a tattoo from one of Rico's friends and the opening words from the Choppertown film.

 It worked out great and Rico came over. 
He even was my guest for some time. Great and lovable guy!

Sik attacks!!

For fun! Me on the run for three "Space-Siks".

Vici for Iunxi

Company Iunxi was looking for a mascot for their internal mail. He had to be simple, nice and easy to adapt to any event. 
I made a few basic figures and the possibility to easily change faces, arms and legs. 
Here a few examples. They call him "Vici"

Header Garage Maniacs

The two caracters I did for the Garage Maniacs Message Board

And the Header I finaly made of it.

First T-shirt design Garage Maniacs

Here's the first T-shirt design I did for the Chopper wrenchers from the Garage Maniacs. It was the first "Garage Maniacs Party" in 2008. And as you can see even the great Marc from DBBP and Tattoo artist Masto are as happy as a baby when they wear it! 


Because every day is good day to draw the Father of all Monsters!

Who's me?

Who's me? Just a guy from the Netherlands who likes to draw. I love things like Choppers,Hot-Rods, Rock 'n Roll, Luchadors, Superheroes, Monsters and old stuff. So this it wat you can find  in some of my work. Here's a drawing I did for sheer fun. It portraits me as Dr. Perilla between some of my all time favorite Luchadors!