Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Choppertown meeting 2011

For three years I've been doing most of the designworks for the Choppertown meeting in Germany. The first year (which was the third meeting) I did the poster, flyer, two T-shirts, beer labels and some work on the web-log.

I was working at a printshop at this time, so I printed the posters and flyers myself. Big fun!

The first T-shirt was the annual meeting T-shirt. I used a picture I took from my buddys Rolf, Rinus and Jessey riding their Choppers. I Also did this crazy animation for their site. 

 The second shirt was released to raise money to get a special guest for the meeting from the US of A. Chopperbuilder and all time favorite Rico Fodrey, known from the Choppertown films. I was allowed to use a picture Maurice van den Tillaard took from Rico when he did a photoshoot in LA. The lay out was based on a tattoo from one of Rico's friends and the opening words from the Choppertown film.

 It worked out great and Rico came over. 
He even was my guest for some time. Great and lovable guy!

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