Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sideshow concept poster

This was my first idea for the Choppertown Sideshow 2013. As you might know the "Sideshow" used to be the freakshow where you could see all strange misformed peoples and people doing the most bizare tricks. Tha's why we choosed for the Bearded Tatooed Lady the first year. A combination of two "freaks" from the classic "Sideshows"
For 2013 I thought it was fun to combine two others into one.
 The siameze twin and "Lional, the lion faced man". 
My plan was to make a Sideshow family with all kinds of "freaks", But to many people wanted to see the bearded tattooed lady again, so Lionel, the lion faced siameze twin had to be skipped!

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